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DARPAs award for Blackjack covers potentially two to eight companies. This means winners could bring home as little as USD14.7 million or as much as USD58.8 million. DARPA also envisions each Blackjack satellite to cost less than USD6 million, including launch cost. DARPA specifications for Blackjack were roughly 45 kg for payload and 50 kg for the satellite bus. Spaceflight Industries, a commercial rideshare launch provider, offers to bring 100 kg satellites to low earth orbit (LEO), the same orbit as Blackjack, for roughly USD4 million, leaving a few million dollars for companies use at their discretion. I think this project is worthwhile and I hope it succeeds, an industry source told Janes on 7 August. But this seems really thin. How many companies are going to chop this up and how far will it go? Pentagon satellites have been historically custom-designed to specific mission sets with lengthy design and/or enhancement cycles at high cost per spacecraft. They have also become targets for adversaries during warfare. The Blackjack programme is an architecture demonstration intending to show the high military utility of global LEO constellations and mesh networks of lower size, weight, and cost spacecraft nodes.

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easy ingress and egress out of the building for players. You don't want to have a practice facility where guys are so burdened in getting there that they just say, 'I'm not going to the facility. I don't want to workout.' It has to be easy for them to get from the practice facility into the arena, into the weight room, into their locker room -- so just the ease of use really." -Kerr: "I was here like a year ago and it was kind of a big hole in the ground, and most guys haven't been here since. It's great to see the progress but it's also a reminder that our lives are gonna change and pretty much everybody on the coaching staff is gonna have to move. Sometimes that is exciting and sometimes that's unnerving -- probably a little of both. We're all just sort of watching this thing go up in awe and wondering where we are gonna live and how's this all gonna work, but we''ll figure it out." Kerr also said that although he recently bought a house in San Francisco, he isn't moving in until next summer.

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